The Women and Music Mix was initiated at the Women’s Studies Research Center, (Shulamit Reinharz, Founding Director) to study the contributions of women to the field of music as composers, performers, teachers, scholars, and sponsors; to bring their work to a wider public through lectures, concerts, conferences, publications and recordings that highlight and explore issues of women and gender. The Women and Music Mix consists of acclaimed music Scholars who have committed themselves to advancing women’s music and bringing their pioneering work to a wider public through lectures, concerts, publications, and recordings. The group is made up of (as of 2016-17) composer Ruth Lomon, composer/violinist Dana Maiben, conductor/pianist Jane Ring Frank, musicologist/activist Liane Curtis, keyboardist/musicologist Vivian Montgomery, Laury Gutierrez (viola da gambist and music director), and choral conductor Amelia LeClair.

past members: (2016): music therapist Suzanne Hanser, and writer/composer Toni Lester. (2013):  actor/director Alexandra Borrie,
musicologist Arianne Johnson
pianist/photographer Emily Corbato